I began writing about Italy more than ten years ago when I started Best of Bergamo, my first travel website.

As a regular visitor to Bergamo in Lombardy in northern Italy, I felt that I wanted to share the discoveries I had made about this magical city with others.

My website launched 
more than 10 years ago
I wanted to recommend my favourite restaurants and shops and pass on useful advice, such as buying a three-day ticket to use on the buses and funicular railway because it saves you money. And so I started blogging on

Another of my favourite Italian destinations is Sorrento, a beautiful seaside resort in Campania in southern Italy. I have been visiting Sorrento for more than 30 years and have learnt a lot about its history, culture and local culinary specialities so it made sense to start to share some of this knowledge with others.

I also love the Veneto region and frequently visit Padua, Venice and Treviso, so, in 2012, I started with tips and advice for visitors to Padua and other towns in the Veneto region.

My profile of Bergamo was the lead
feature in Italia! magazine
In June 2011, I made my debut in the magazine, Italia!, with my feature, The Beauty of Bergamo, a six-page guide to the city. Also for Italia! magazine, I subsequently wrote a six-page guide to Cava de’ Tirreni, putting the spotlight on an ancient and often overlooked town south of both Naples and Sorrento that has been dubbed ‘the Bologna of the south’ because of its elegant, porticoed streets.

Crave magazine in Hong Kong invited me to contribute to their special Italian edition in 2017 with a seven-page feature, A Salute to Sorrento.

I have showcased my favourite Italian hotels in my website Best of Italy Hotels, which recommends good value, high quality hotels in different parts of Italy, some of which I have stayed in multiple times. Visit to see my recommendations.

I am fascinated by ‘small-town Italy’ and love visiting less well-known places near the major cities where you can enjoy a good hotel and superb restaurants for less than you would pay in the big cities, while taking advantage of excellent transport links to go and see the famous sights just for the day.

Among my favourites are Frascati near Rome, Treviso near Venice, Bergamo near Milan, Lucca near Florence and Forlì near Bologna.


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