The Library Ladies, a new detective duo, make their first appearance in The Body Parts in the Library, which was published in September 2020 and is available for sale on Amazon.

Set in an English country village, this first Library Ladies mystery is a cosy crime novel.

Sallie and Jo are both Library Assistants who have recently been made redundant.  A group of volunteers have taken over the running of the village library where they used to work and when one of them is the victim of a prank, the Library Ladies are immediately suspected and find themselves shunned by most of the village.

Determined to clear their names, Sallie and Jo try to find out who was really responsible. But after more bizarre events occur, a grim discovery is made in the library. The Library Ladies decide to conduct their own investigation to make sure the culprit is exposed and life in the peaceful south Yorkshire village of Upper Mickle can return to normal.

The Body Parts in the Library is available from Amazon as a Kindle e-book or a paperback.



The beautiful southern Italian resort of Sorrento is the setting for The Shooting in Sorrento, a cosy crime novel published in 2017.

Believed to be the first British crime novel to be set in the Italian seaside town, The Shooting in Sorrento is the second Butler and Bartorelli mystery, following on from Death in the High City, which was set in Bergamo in Lombardy in northern Italy.

The Shooting in Sorrento
will appeal to readers who enjoy the cosy crime genre, or who have themselves enjoyed a holiday in Sorrento.

Much of the action in the novel takes place in the ancient streets in the centre of the resort and at locations along the Sorrentine peninsula.

Journalist Kate Butler and her partner Steve Bartorelli, a retired Detective Chief Inspector, are in Sorrento for the wedding of one of Steve’s Italian relatives.

When tragedy strikes an English family staying at their hotel, Kate feels she has to help them.

She joins forces with another visitor to Sorrento to investigate for herself when it becomes clear the Italian police are looking no further than the English family in order to solve the crime.

Her enquiries cause her to wander the narrow streets that run parallel to the Corso Italia and take her down to the beach at Marina di Puolo out along the Sorrentine peninsula, but she ends up putting herself in danger when her sleuthing gets her too close to the truth.

The Shooting in Sorrento is available from Amazon as a Kindle e-book or as a paperback.



Set in the magical city of Bergamo in northern Italy, Death in the High City introduces detective duo Butler and Bartorelli.

Kate Butler, a freelance journalist, arrives in Bergamo to try to get some answers about the unexplained death of her cousin, Sophie, who has been living in the city while doing research for a biography of the Bergamo-born opera composer Gaetano Donizetti.

After her own life is threatened, Kate is joined by her partner, Steve Bartorelli, a recently retired Detective Chief Inspector of Italian descent, who helps her solve the crime.

Death in the High City is believed to be the first British crime novel in which Bergamo provides the backdrop. After it was published in 2014, there was a lot of interest in the novel in Bergamo. I was invited twice to be a guest on Bergamo TV to talk about the book on their equivalent of breakfast news, Colazione con Radio Alta.

I was also invited by an association of Bergamo tour guides to be interviewed about Death in the High City in front of an audience at San Pellegrino Terme, a spa town to the north of Bergamo.

On two separate occasions I was invited to talk to an audience of Italian teachers of English In Bergamo, once about Death in the High City and once about The Shooting in Sorrento. I was also invited to talk about Death in the High City at a college for sixth form students at Zogno, a comune to the north of Bergamo.

Death in the High City is available from Amazon as a Kindle e-book or as a paperback.

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